Elliot's Amazing Adventures Rhyming Stories

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Rhyming Stories
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Linda Farrelly Author
Rhyming Children's Stories


Linda Farrelly's Children's Stories Linda started creating Elliot stories for her own children over 30 years ago.
The Elliot's Amazing Adventures series is a collection of some of those many stories written in rhyming verse.
Linda's instinctive graphics ability produces hand drawn and coloured illustrations that children quickly identify with helping draw them into the Adventures and the desire to read.
Apart from Linda's readersdhip, her 5 grandchildren wait in eager anticipation for what Elliot will "get up to" next, thus helping keeping Linda's prolific creative talent on the boil.
Linda's skills led her into writing for local schools and drama groups, her productions proving to be extremely popular and raising large sums of money for local charities.
She enjoys writing Pantomime scripts most, in particular family humour that can be appreciated by adults and children within the same production.
Local schools invited Linda to adapt popular musicals into scripts that could be performed by primary school children, one of the most successful being 'Grease'.
She's also a major contributing author to: www.Childrens-Stories.net, helping parents and teachers encourage reading skills.


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